Most Unique Dog Names For Your New Pup

Gizmo is an adorable and unique name for a tech-savvy canine or petite pup. It brings gadgets and gizmos to mind.


Zagnut would be a hilarious name for a energetic puppy who zigs and zags and goes nutty sometimes. 


Sir is an ironic name choice for a less-than-regal dog prone to sloppy behavior - but it oozes personality!


Kazoo is a fun, playful unique name that suits a vocal and goofy pooch who loves making funny noises.


Pixel sounds cute for a petite pup or one with interesting unique markings. It also has a tech connection.


Colonel makes even the battiest old hound sound distinguished. It's quite the tongue-in-cheek name choice.


Pickles is a quirky food-inspired name bound to make your doggy stand out at the park and bring smiles.


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