Most Popular Tricolor Dog Breeds

Famed sheep herders sport signature heads featuring black and white accented with ruddy brown facial markings and legs.  

 Border Collie  

Elegant sporting Setters wear artfully painted feathered black, white and lemon coats originally to hide amongst field grasses.  

English Setter

Hardy ranch Aussies flash attractive coats integrating black, white and signature copper in varying proportions.

Australian Shepherd 

Beloved scent hounds don classic tricolor coats in wistful black, white and caramel hues resembling charismatic Snoopy.


 Alpine canines display striking black heads contrasting russet cheeks and white blazes down muscled chests.   

Bernese Mountain Dog  

Louisiana Catahoulas show off splattered black and burnt umber leopard spots artfully placed over white.

Catahoula Leopard Dog  

Long low-riding Bassets wear classic black, honey and milk coats setting off their soulful expression.

 Basset Hound

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