Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds 

One of largest domestic cat breeds with luscious semi-long overcoat protecting against harsh winter climates. 

Maine Coons

This cold climate adapted cat boasts a wooly underlayer and longer water resistant top coat.  

 Norwegian Forest Cats 

Their floor length coats require daily grooming to prevent matting but their cuddly temperament delights.  

 Persian Cats

 One of the largest and fluffiest breeds thanks to their origins as hybrids of Persian and longhair breeds.

 Ragdoll Cats  

Triple coat evolved for Siberian winters makes these energetic, loyal cats appear round and fluffy.

Siberian Cats  

Ancient natural breed has super soft, silky medium length coat occasionally requiring tangles teased out.  

Turkish Angora Cats

This rare, ancient Turkish breed has a unique chalk white semi-long coat with fox red tail and markings. 

 Turkish Van Cats  

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