Most Overlooked & Underrated Dog Breeds

This versatile working breed thrives when given jobs and room for high energy play. They're gentle giants.

Swiss Mountain Dog

An affectionate, joyful family dog bred in Ireland, Soft Coated Wheatens deserve more popularity in the US.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier  

This hairless ancient breed tends to be fiercely loyal to owners while wary of strangers. They need minimal grooming.


 A hunting dog able to trail a variety of small and large game, American Leopard Hounds have a pleasant temperament.

American Leopard Hound

Lagotto Romagnolos originated as Italian lake dogs with natural retrieving and truffle hunting abilities.   

Lagotto Romagnolo

This Dutch duck tolling dog was historically used to lure waterfowl for hunting. They make lively companions. 


American Mountain Curs thrive when occupying working roles including treeing, baying and hunting. They are rugged outdoor dogs.

Mountain Cur Breeds  

The Best Dog Breeds for Service Work