Most Low Key Couch Potato Dog Breeds

Built for speed bursts not endurance, Greyhounds routinely clock 18 hours of sleep and relax time daily.


At up to 180 lbs, Saint Bernards follow the principle of energy conservation moving minimally.  

Saint Bernard

As cherished Chinese lap partners for centuries of nobles, exercising wasn't a Palace necessity.  


Predictable and complex, independent Chow Chows set rigid leisurely timeframes refusing activities exceeding their allowance.   

Chow Chow

Originally bred for bull baiting requiring explosion strength yet nothing more, this excess sleep is justified.  

English Bulldog  

True to their "comforter spaniel" roots, Cavvies thrive on napping and cuddling more than most rituals.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Constructed for efficient scent tracking at a sedate pace, Bassets lounge between occasional sniff sessions.  

 Basset Hound 

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