Most Effective Methods For Training Your Dog  

 Use firm "No reward markers" the moment poor behavior begins before emotions escalate and dog associates unwanted actions with consequences.

 Prompt Intervention

After interrupting unwanted chewing, herding children etc. redirect energy into an approved toy or place instead establishing good habits.


Caught doing well instead of behaving badly? Immediately praise and reward polite conduct to motivate its repetition.  

 Incompatible Behavior  

For persistent unruliness have dog pause briefly away from action and rewards allowing them reflection time to settle.  

Brief Timeout Breaks

Use deeper tones and commands like "Off!" that communicate urgency to deter potential danger reactions like food stealing.   

Vary Tone For Meaning  

Simply ignoring puppy biting and jumping up avoids accidentally "rewarding" the behavior with attention. 

Withhold Rewards   

Regularly name unwanted actions like counter surfing then cue alternatives over time ingrains good habits 

Consistent Verbal Corrections  

Unraveling Dog Embarrassment