Most Dangerous Things Dogs Get Into at Home

Watch devices since swallowed batteries severely burn throats and intestinal tracts requiring urgent surgical removal.   


 Protect all meds! Dogs overdosing on pain relievers, ADHD pills, depression/anxiety meds and supplements face risks. 


Toxic theobromine in chocolate prompts vomiting, diarrhea, elevated heart rate - dark types worse than milk chocolate.


No known safe amount of grapes for dogs! Even a few can cause sudden kidney failure.  

Grapes & Raisins   

Sugar free xylitol sweetener in gum and candies causes dangerously low blood sugar and liver damage in dogs.  

Gum & Candy

Swallowed socks, underwear, corn cobs, toys must be removed surgically if passing through intestines unsuccessfully. 

Socks & Fabrics

Onions, garlic, alcohol, yeast bread dough with rising agents, coffee/tea with caffeine seriously harm dogs consuming them.

Toxic Foods 

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