Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Should Cautious 

 Known for strong bites. Account for majority of human fatalities from dog bites. Often owned by irresponsible owners.

Pit Bulls

 Large and powerful. Historically used as guard dogs. Accounts for 17% of fatal dog attacks. Require experienced owners.  


Used as police and guard dogs. Known to be aggressive if not properly trained and socialized. Accounts for 15% of bite fatalities.

German Shepherds 

Large guard dogs. Territorial and intimidating. Powerful bite force poses danger. Accounts for 1% of human deaths by dogs.


High prey drive makes small pets vulnerable. Several child fatalities reported. Require secure enclosures. Account for 3% of bite deaths.


 Intimidating appearance and size. May be aggressive or fearful if not trained properly. Account for less than 1% of bite fatalities.


Used for hunting and guarding. Territorial and strong. Require experienced owners. Account for 1% of human deaths by dogs.

Cane Corsos

Dog Breeds That Are Going Out of Style