Most Common Types of Pit Bull Dog Breeds 

Originating from crosses between terriers and bulldogs for animal baiting until banned in the 1800s.  

American Pit Bull Terrier

Bred after dog fighting was outlawed to be sturdy, family companions retaining strength and bulk from their ancestry.  

American Staffordshire Terrier   

Earlier fighting lines refined over the last century to focus on their affectionate nature rather than tenacity. 

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Recently developed bully breed accentuating stocky frames carrying maximum muscle mass.

 American Bully  

Iconic “Spuds Mackenzie” Bud Light mascot best known currently for their distinctive egg-shaped skull and sweet personality.   

Bull Terrier

Tenacious working farm dogs protecting livestock with mighty muscular bodies and broad smiles.

American Bulldog

Plucky medium-sized companions sharing related lineage to the first Pit Bull breed descendants.

Staffordshire Terrier  

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