Misconceptions Be Leading to Your Dog Obese

Owners think wide set breeds should be stout. Fat labs, bulldogs, corgis are not breed "standards." 

Breed Misperception

Gradual gain goes unnoticed. Weigh monthly, track pounds. Extra treats, scraps add up fast. 

Missing Weight Gain  

Owners mistake begging for hunger not seeing it's learned behavior. Stick to feeding schedules, limit people food.

Misreading Behavior

Too many treats given absentmindedly while training and for being cute leads to unhealthy extra weight. 


Follow bag guidelines, veterinary advice. Don't arbitrarily give extra cups. Measure diligently.   

Wrong Food Portions

People food doesn't equal affection. Most is unhealthy. Show love through playtime, pets - save snacks for rare treats.   

 Human Food = Love

Walks slipped lead to weight gain. Make walks, games, enrichment priorities not just feeding.  

Lack of Exercise   

Signs Your Dog is Suffering From Anxiety