Mastering Proper Socialization for Kittens

Begin gentle socialization between 2-7 weeks when most receptive to forming positive new associations.  

Start Young

Always go at kitten’s pace when introducing novel items or experiences to build trust and confidence

Take It Slow   

Randomly incorporate different textures, temperatures, flavors or locations during feeds.  

Use Mealtimes  

Arrange supervised multi-age, appearance and pet species meetings preventing fear imprinting.   

People + Pets 

 Expose kittens to vehicle travel carriers, leashed walks, bathtimes and grooming tools using patience and treats.

Simulate Environments  

Desensitize knuckle rubs, restraints, brushing, nail trims, tooth brushing, ear care and medicine delivery.  

Handling Is Key

Ensure socialization stays upbeat, rewarding bravery and ignoring minor fear reactions to show new things are fun!

 Make It All Positive! 

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