Key Questions Before Adopting a Dachshund

Are you prepared to commit to the grooming needs of a wirehaired or longhaired Dachshund? Brushing is crucial.


Are you aware of and ready to manage potential Dachshund health issues like back problems and obesity?

Health Risks

Can you commit to positive training to prevent stubbornness and handle their loud tendency to bark?


Will you fulfill exercise needs like daily walks to prevent weight gain and joint issues? Enrichment is key.  


Can you provide proper supervision around small pets given the Dachshund's high prey drive? Coexisting is possible.

Prey Drive  

Are you prepared to prevent separation anxiety common in Dachshunds? Alone time must be built up slowly.  


Do you have adequate time to devote to this energetic and often demanding breed? Boredom must be avoided.


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