Key Differences Maine Coons vs Regular Cats

On average, Maine Coons are much larger than regular cats, weighing 15-25 lbs and measuring up to 40 inches long. 


Maine Coons have a thick, water resistant double coat adapted for cold weather unlike most domestic shorthairs.


Extremely social and attached to their families, Maine Coons exhibit more dog-like devotion compared to the average feline


With proper nutrition and vet care, Maine Coons live 10-13 years typically outliving most domestic cats who average 15 years.


Highly intuitive and engaging Maine Coon cats often understand routines, words and situations better than less active breeds.


The Maine Coon's luscious fur requires thorough combing 2-3 times a week to minimize mats and control seasonal shedding.  


Maine Coon cats need daily interactive playtime to meet their high activity needs unlike many relaxed companion kitties.


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