Keeping Your Dog's Coat Healthy & Shiny

Quality proteins from meat and healthy fats from fish oils or coconut oil maximize coat shine better than grain-heavy kibble.  


Regular weekly brushing stimulates coat oils distributing throughout the fur for great sheen. Plus reduces knotting and matting!

Frequent Brushing   

Over-bathing strips essential coat oils. Instead focus on occasional gentle shampooing only when dirt buildup necessitates it.

Bathe Properly

Veterinarian recommended omega fatty acid supplements nourish skin and fur from within making great coats gleam.  


Controlling shedding with brushes/combs ensures new growth isn't dulled by wiry dead hairs clinging to it.

Shed Control  

Evaluate for skin allergies or infections causing excess scaling or flakiness hiding sheen. Seek treatment if found.

Skin Checks  

Well hydrated dogs produce healthier fur not easily broken or dried out from nutrient reaching skin better.  


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