Keep Your Dog Happy With Interactive Toys  

Make meals fun with toys that hide kibble, releasing it as the dog paws or rolls it.

Food Puzzles  

Keep destructive chewers busy with toys they can sink their teeth into and satisfy chewing needs.

Stuffable Chew Toys

Ball launchers and automatic throwers add more engagement to playing fetch.

Interactive Fetch 

Toys that reward with tasty treats when batted around provide mental and physical exercise.

Treat-Dispensing Toys

Dogs enjoy rooting through snuffle mats to find hidden treats using their nose.

Hide and Seek

Playing tug satisfies a dog's natural urge to pull and grip. Use toys designated for tugging safely.

Tug of War Toys

Lickimats suction to floors or windows and can be spread with peanut butter or wet food.


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