Is Your Dog Suffering from Dangerous Heat Stroke

Excessive drooling and rapid open-mouthed breathing are early red flags dogs are uncomfortably hot before escalation into dire emergencies. 

Heavy Panting   

Check gums or pulse points - racing heartbeats over 100 to 120 BPM signal a brewing fever crisis requiring quick action.  

Increased Heart Rate

 If your pet seems dazed, lethargic, or staring blankly with glazed over eyes, temperature regulation may be impaired or failing.  

Glazed Eyes    

Early stage heat stress can cause nausea, but beware - later stages may damage gut lining and restrictive swelling obstructing vomit passage.  

Vomiting & Diarrhea   

Wobbliness, weakness, or collapse indicates brains and organs are dangerously deprived of proper circulation and oxygen.  

 Unsteady Movement  

Discomfort concentrates saliva into sticky drool; lack of swallowing prevents evaporative tongue cooling

Saliva Thickening  

Check gums - heat stroke gums turn dark red, purple, or blue as oxygen depletion sets in.   

Dark Red Gums

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