Is the Ragdoll Cat Hypoallergenic?

No scientific evidence proves any cat breed, including Ragdoll, sheds less dander triggering human allergies.   

No Truly Hypoallergenic Cats  

 Longhaired Ragdolls require regular combing to control loose fur. Their flowing coat traps dander against skin. 

Ragdolls Do Shed

All cats groom themselves then lick owners. Allergens in cat saliva, skin and urine can still cause reactions.  

Allergens in Saliva & Skin 

Spend days foster caring for a Ragdoll before adopting to see if you acclimate and have milder symptoms.  

Try Foster Care First  

 Daily antihistamines, nasal sprays, allergy shots can help those sensitive live with Ragdolls more comfortably.  

Allergy Medications 

 High quality HEPA air purifiers effectively trap cat hair so it doesn’t irritate allergies by circulating in air.  

Air Purifiers

Bathing cats every 2-4 weeks reduces loose dander in the air triggering symptoms in allergy sufferers.

 Frequent Bathing 

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