Is It Dangerous or Safe When My Cat Eats Bugs

Venomous spiders and stinging insects can severely harm cats unlike people with worse reactions. Seek emergency treatment if bitten or stung.   

Venom Risk  

Don't panic over eaten beetles or cockroaches which cats frequently ingest while mousing without ill effects.

Toxic Beetles & Cockroaches? 

While pretty in yards, lightning bugs contain toxins, causing severe poisoning in cats who catch and eat them.

Deadly Fireflies  

 Vomiting, pawing at the mouth signals possible irritation, obstruction or poisoning from bug eating requiring prompt veterinary care.  

 Monitor for Vomiting

Bug mouthparts like stingers or pointy legs may get stuck scratching a cats mouth or esophagus on the way down after eating.

Proboscis Stuck 

Unless venomous or toxic, occasional bugs like flies, grasshoppers and crickets provide cats enrichment without harming them.  

Typically Harmless  

Cats gut acid eradicates germs from pests helping minimize food borne illness risks humans face from bugs.

Don't Worry About Germs  

Is It Safe if My Cat Ate a Bug