Is Gifting Someone a Puppy a Good Idea?

Dogs live over a decade needing continuous care, training & veterinary costs. Recipients must be ready for a long-term commitment.


Food, supplies, toys, licensing, grooming & unexpected medical bills add up. Recipients must have a plan to cover costs.

Expensive Ongoing Costs

Dogs require substantial time for feeding, exercising, training, socializing & bonding daily. Recipient's lifestyle must accommodate this.  


Consider if recipient potentially has dog allergies or housing restrictions before gifting a puppy to prevent quick surrender.


Gift leashes, bowls, beds, treats & offer to assist with adoption fees once recipient has researched best breed fits. 

Give Supplies Instead

Many shelters offer gift donations towards adoption fees for recipients to select their new compatible furry friend.  

Gift Sponsorships

Foster-to-adopt allows gauge if pup fits lifestyle before committing without pressure which makes a thoughtful gift.  

Foster First Option

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