Introduce Your Baby to Your Family Dog 

Expose dogs to baby sounds and gear months pre-arrival so infant crying and new stuff become familiar and not frightening.

Early Prep

Let curious canine sniff baby blankets and toys but not get in newborn's face initially so they don't overwhelm infant. 

 Mind the Nose

When first introducing, keep interactions calm, sweet, gentle with praise and treats for polite doggy manners around the baby.   

 Positive Association  

Once baby is more resillient and dogs are prepped, allow closer interaction like cautious sniffing, but prevent excessive licking.  

Supervised Sniffing

Have dogs gradually get used to new heightened household activity as baby wakes, cries, moves without forcing too much too fast.  

Integrate Gradual

Offer dogs an alternative quiet place to retreat when tired or overwhelmed by bountiful baby Stimulation.  

Designate Safe Space  

Ensure dogs still get cherished one-on-one walks, play and lap sit time amid baby care demands. They need to feel valued too!

Maintain 1:1 Time  

Helping Your Dog Love Going to the Vet and Groomer