Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Meet the Siberian cat, A hypoallergenic breed known for its low allergen levels.

Siberian Cat

The elegance of the Balinese cat, a long-haired breed with reduced shedding. 

Balinese Cat

The unique charm of the Cornish Rex cat, a breed with minimal shedding and a distinctive curly coat.

Cornish Rex 

The playful and hypoallergenic Devon Rex cat. With its short curly coat and friendly demeanor

Devon Rex

The hairless beauty of the Sphynx cat, perfect for individuals with allergies.


Russian Blue cat, known for its short, dense coat and low allergen levels.

Russian Blue

The elegance of the Oriental Shorthair cat, a hypoallergenic breed with a short coat. 

Oriental Shorthair 

Feline Favorites for Every Cat Lover