Hybrid Cat Breeds

Savannah cat, a stunning hybrid of a serval and a domestic cat. Known for their striking appearance and playful nature

Savannah Cat

The Bengal cat, a mix of Asian leopard cat and domestic cat, boasts a distinctive spotted coat. These hybrids are energetic

Bengal Cat

Originating from the jungle cat and domestic cat cross, Chausie cats are known for their sleek appearance and active personality. 

Chausie Cat

The Cheetoh cat, a blend of Bengal and Ocicat, combines beauty and intelligence. 

Cheetoh Cat

Caracat, a cross between a caracal and domestic cat. These hybrids are known for their striking looks, resembling small wild cats.


The Safari cat, a Geoffroy's cat and domestic cat mix, is characterized by its spotted coat. 

Safari Cat

The Chausie, a blend of jungle cat and domestic cat, is a medium to large-sized hybrid. With their athleticism and intelligence

Chausie Cat

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