How To Treat and Cure Lyme Disease in Cats

The first step is getting an accurate Lyme disease diagnosis from your vet through a blood test. This will confirm the bacteria's presence.


Antibiotics like doxycycline or amoxicillin are the most common medications used to treat Lyme disease in cats.


Follow your vet's instructions carefully regarding antibiotic dosage and duration of treatment to fully cure your cat's Lyme disease.


Providing supplements, fluids, anti-inflammatories and probiotics can further support your cat's recovery while on antibiotics.

Supportive Care

Use regular tick prevention and check your cat thoroughly for ticks to prevent reinfection after treatment.


Your vet will want to retest your cat's blood after treatment is complete to confirm the bacteria has been eliminated.


Being alert to Lyme disease symptoms and getting veterinary help quickly leads to the best outcome for cats.


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