How to Train Your Cat to Like Their Harness

Briefly show harness to kitty before working up to handling/holding it near them for treats over multiple days

Slow Introduction  

Whenever harness appears, reward with high value treats so it predicts something positive.  

Treat Reward Association  

 Allow and reward any voluntary harness interactions like sniffing or pawing at it.  

Let Them Explore Freely   

Hold out flat harness band just below nose height for easy initial head insertion targeting tasty treats.  

Nose First  

Have helper offer bite sized snacks as you secure harness to keep experience pleasant.  

Snack Strap Distraction 

Start with very brief 1-2 minute harness wear sessions to prevent frustration. Reward generously!  

Short Successful Sessions 

Pair with another cat or dog friend prancing around excitedly harness-free to spark playful energy.

Fun With Friends

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