How To Teach Your Cat The Stay Command  

Hold target stick to their nose, feed a treat when they follow to touch it. This captures their attention for learning.   

Target Stick  

Place target on mat/rug. Reward each time kitty steps on it with treat for a minute. This associates mat with rewards.

Anchor Mat

While cat's on mat, lure stick straight up slowly. Feed treats if they stay seated not chasing to condition staying.  

Lure & Reward 

Repeat “Stay” command everytime you lure stick up with them remaining seated for a treat payoff.  

Cue Word  

Ask "Stay", take one step back while cat remains on place mat then immediately reward longest durations.


Build stay duration out further over multiple sessions in quiet settings without major distractions initially.  


After mastering stay for 1-5 minutes walking around room quietly, practice with added toys or dropped treats tests.  


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