How To Put Eye Drop IN Your Dog’s Eyes

Sit and gently hold your dog's muzzle tilted skyward allowing medicine access to eye surface when opened.  

Proper Head Position 

Have someone firmly yet gently hug your dog close with head poking over shoulder to free your hands for eye drop duty.  

Recruit a Helper

Maintain continuous soothing praise and instruction like "Good stay" to provide comfort amid otherwise alarming handling.

 Verbal Reassurance  

Carefully hold extra skin around the eyes to open wider medication access area at drop time.

Open Eye Area

Administer eye medication quickly but accurately before rewarding cooperation with excited praise and high-value treats.   

Drop and Reward 

 If drops bother your dog, use dog eye wash solution after to rinse and soothe if vet recommends.

Rinse If Needed 

Keep petting and distracting your dog after drops to discourage immediate head shaking that would clear medicine away before absorption.

Prevent Head Shaking   

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