How To Protect Your Dog In Winter

Avoid prolonged time outside in frigid temps. Watch for shivering, lifting paws, and signs of frostbite.

Time Outdoors  

Protect paws, chest and body with weatherproof booties, coats and sweaters during walks.

Booties & Coats

Keep coat well-brushed. Trim hair around paws, ears and belly. Apply balms for dry skin.


Watch for rock salt, ice melt chemicals, icy lakes, antifreeze and other winter hazards.


Ensure fresh, unfrozen water is available at all times. Add warm water to dry kibble.


Bring outdoor dogs into temperature controlled spaces. Don't leave in cold vehicles. 

Warm Places

Provide warm bedding away from drafts. Consider a cozy sweater or dog house heater.

Sleep Area 

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