How To Prep Home For A New Puppy

Remove or secure cords, toxic items, and fragile belongings. Block access to unsafe areas. Install gates.

Puppy Proof  

Designate an exercise pen or gated area for when you can't supervise. Crate train for naps and bedtime. 


Obtain food dishes, collar, leash, bed, toys, grooming tools, enzyme cleaner, crate, food.


Choose an outdoor potty spot and set up wee-wee pads if training indoors. Get bells to signal need.

Potty Spot  

Explain puppy care responsibilities like feeding, training, exercise and cleanup to family.

Family Prep 

Schedule initial vet visit for exam, vaccinations and establishing preventative care routine.

Vet Appointment   

Consider signing up for pet insurance to cover accident and illness costs for your pup.

Pet Insurance

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