How to Introduce a New Cat to Your Household

Before the introduction, create a dedicated space for the new cat. Equip it with essentials like food, water, and a litter box.


Allow your resident cat and the new cat to become familiar with each other's scents by swapping bedding. Gradual introduction through scent exchange eases the transition.

Gradual Acquaintance

Allow the cats to see each other without direct contact. Use a baby gate or cracked door to let them observe

Visual Introduction

Supervise the first face-to-face encounter. Keep initial interactions short and positive, offering treats and praise.

Controlled Interaction

Positive reinforcement creates positive associations, fostering a sense of security and comfort for both cats.

Positive Reinforcement

Cats need retreats to alleviate stress. Provide separate hiding spots, perches, and cozy corners, allowing them to retreat when needed.

Safe Spaces

Be patient, observe their behaviors, and adjust your approach accordingly. A gradual and patient introduction ensures a happy, integrated feline family.


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