How to Improve Your Senior Pet's Quality of Life

Low impact exercise like short walks helps mobility. Adjust intensity based on your pet's abilities. Swimming is great low impact exercise.


Adjust your pet's diet as needed for energy level and health issues. Feed high quality food and add supplements if recommended. 


Provide soft bedding and warmth for arthritis. Ramps, stairs or lifts can help them access furniture. Massage helps circulation. 


Regular brushing and nail trims keep your pet comfortable. Clean ears and teeth regularly. Trim hair around eyes and sanitary areas.


Take your pet for twice annual checkups. Discuss medications, supplements, bloodwork and other age-related care with your vet.

Vet Care

Quality time, play, cuddles and attention are so important. Keep their mind active with games and training. Meet their needs.


Stick to daily routines for feeding, potty breaks, exercise and sleep. Consistency helps senior pets feel secure. Adjust routines gradually if needed


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