How To Express Your Cat’s Anal Glands

Scooting, licking below tail or the anus signals potential impacted anal glands requiring attention.  

 Scooting Giveaway 

Look and feel for signs of inflammation around their anus with gentle pressure indicating infection.

Check for Swelling

Bad fishy odor emitting from behind usually accompanies fluid buildup when glands overfill.  

Olfactory Clues

Vets express by applying thumb/finger pressure at 4 and 8 o’clock circulating secretions upward. 

External Manual Evacuation 

Conservatively try once monthly forcats prone to repeat obstruction and inflammation.   

 Temporary Relief Method 

Rapid swelling, non-healing wounds, blood, or pus requires urgent veterinary drainage and antibiotics.

When to Call the Vet Asap

Anal gland impaction risks life-threatening sepsis and discomfort decreasing quality of life.  

Potential Complications

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