How To Clean And Care For Your Cat’s Wounds

Approach wound cleaning gently by wrapping cat in towel to avoid scratching with exposed injury sites.  

Restrain Properly 

Flush wounds well with sterile saline solution to remove debris and prevent infection risk.

Clean With Saline 

Apply veterinarian provided or pet safe disinfectants to control microbes after complete cleaning.  

Disinfect Thoroughly  

Place antibiotic creams over disinfected regions to facilitate healing. Avoid licking areas. 

Apply Antibiotic Cream  

Cover significant wounds using sterile bandages/wraps changed routinely to protect wounds.  

Dress Wounds  

Manage pain per vet advisement with prescription or OTC pet safe pain relievers.

Give Pain Medication  

Check wounds twice daily for proper healing progression - address concerning discharge, swelling or redness immediately.  

Monitor Healing  

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