How to Care for a Small Dog

Feed a miniature breed tailored food. Avoid free feeding to prevent obesity. 

High Quality Diet

Short, active play sessions suit small dog energy bursts. Avoid high impact exercise.

 Interactive Exercise  

Brush fragile skin gently. Limit baths. Dry thoroughly after to retain body heat faster. 

Brushing & Baths 

Test for common issues like dental disease, knee problems, heart defects at annual checkups.

Yearly Health Screens

Consider paper training or pee pads for tiny breeds to use indoors.

 Indoor Potty Options  

 Have a pet first aid kit. Know your route to the emergency vet clinic. 

Emergency Planning 

Block access to high surfaces. Secure appliances, wires, small objects.

Puppy Proofing 

Perfecting Training Techniques for Little Dogs