How Quickly Can Dogs Run

Certain breeds have incredible running speeds over short bursts. Greyhounds can hit 45 mph, Border Collies 30 mph

Very Fast

 Actual speed depends on the breed, age, health, and build of each individual dog. But some general breed trends exist for sprint speed.


Dogs built for racing (ex. Greyhounds) are sprinters at heart. They tire after short blazing-fast distances. 

Distance Differs   

Selective breeding has created athletic breeds primed for bursts of intense speed via traits like a deep chest, flexible spine

Why So Fast

A Greyhound named Gavin recorded an incredible speed of 45.5 mph over a short sprint.

Fastest Ever

Your home dogs can probably run around 15-20 mph at full gallop. Their top speeds usually go unleashed outdoors with room to sprint flat out.

Home Advantage

It's enjoyable seeing dogs run all-out while playing fetch or zooming around off leash in safe open areas. 

For Fun

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