How My Former Puppy Mill Dog Changed My Life

I first met Rosie at a local animal shelter. She had been rescued from a cruel puppy mill where she spent years in a cage.


Rosie was understandably terrified and shut down when I adopted her. But I was determined to give her a better life full of love.


With patience, affection and training Rosie slowly came out of her shell. I was amazed by her resilience and sweet spirit.


As Rosie gained confidence she revealed her true happy, playful personality. Her joy and zest for life was infectious.


Rosie taught me unconditional love and trust. She gave me so much comfort and laughter. I'm forever grateful for our bond.


Rosie inspired me to advocate for and adopt more puppy mill rescue dogs. I wanted to help them find loving homes.


Rosie passed away but her memory lives on through my rescue work. She gave hope to so many dogs just like her.


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