How Much To Pay A Dog Sitter

For a 30 minute dog walk, most dog walkers charge $15-25 per walk. Expect to pay $20-40 for 60 minute walks. Add $5-10 for multiple dogs


A 30 minute at home dog visit often starts around $20-25. Overnight house sitting is $50-100 per night. Holidays cost extra.  


In-home dog boarding pricing averages $40-60 per night. Luxury kennel boarding is $75+ per night depending on amenities. 


Doggy daycare averages $20-40 daily depending on full or half-day. Package discounts sometimes offered.


Tipping your pet sitter or dog walker 10-20% during holidays is customary if you're happy with their services. 


Expect certified professional pet sitters and specialty service providers to charge premium rates higher than informal individuals.


Charge extra per walk/visit for added dogs, medications, yard poop scooping, or going beyond usual duties agreed upon.  


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