How Many Kittens Can A Cat Have?

 Most cats deliver an average sized litter consisting of 4-6 kittens though outliers frequently occur in both directions. 

 4-6 Kittens   

Older cats tend to birth fewer kittens decreasing from an average of 6 kittens to roughly 2-3 by 10 years old. 

Age Impacts Fertility  

A record-breaking sized kitten litter reported from South Africa in 2021 totaled 19 kittens all birthed by a 7 year old king cat named Angel.

19 Kittens

Smaller breeds usually deliver 3-4 kittens while larger breeds can birth litters averaging 5-6+ kittens.   

 Breed Size Differences  

Experienced healthy young cats may birth unusually large litters of 10+ kittens on rare occasions.  

10+ Kittens Rare But Happens

Older 5+ year old cats giving birth for the first time tend to deliver smaller 1-3 kitten litters.  

Older First Time Moms

Poor nutrition negatively affects litter size. Quality food ensures healthiest pregnancies.

Diet Impacts Fertility 

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