How Many Days Can a Cat Survive Without Food

Healthy cats with extra fat stores can generally survive 1-2 weeks without food once water is still provided.   


Rapid deadly weight loss and liver damage can occur if cats totally refuse food beyond 4-5 consecutive days without force feeding assistance.   

Weight Loss

Elderly cats over 10 years old face greater starvation risks the longer they go without proper senior cat nutrition.  


Attempt force feeding high-smell canned food warmed to room temperature to stimulate a cat's faded sense of hunger.  


Seek an urgent vet exam for cats rejecting food 3+ days to test for underlying illness causing inappetence.


Rotate through different flavors/textures of premium cat foods and monitor eating habits daily to catch concerning appetite changes promptly.  


Certain cats with chronic conditions may safely go longer than average between meals under veterinary monitoring.


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