How Dogs and Cats Improve Our Mental Health

Stroking pets lowers blood pressure and stress hormone cortisol levels giving a calming effect, especially in high-pressure moments.

Stress Relief

Cuddling or playing with happy, affectionate pets stimulates feel-good endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine elevating moods naturally.

Mood Boost

Non-judgmental comfort from pets eases sadness, grief and trauma recovery. Unconditional pet devotion builds self-worth.  

Emotional Support   

Dog walking responsibilities promote daily outdoor time improving fitness while enjoying furry companionship.


Anxiety disorder patients show fewer symptoms when pets are present to distract from and disrupt negative thought patterns.  

Anxiety Aid

Spending time with energetic, enthusiastic pets stimulates laughter providing mood lifting benefits against depression.

Depression Lift  

Pets conversation starter role unleashes interactions, relationships and added purpose reducing isolation.

Social Catalyst

Tips For Safely Integrating Dogs And Cats