How Can I Stop My Dog From Jumping

Play games that teach patience like Sit, Wait, Leave It, Stay. Reward your dog for controlling their enthusiasm.  

 Impulse Control Games

 Solid obedience skills give dogs focus and direction. Reinforce commands like Down that deter jumping.

Obedience Training  

Teach people to avoid directly approaching an excited dog. Have dog sit politely then pet gently under chin (not over head).  

Proper Greetings  

Everyone must enforce the same rules of four paws on the floor at all times to eliminate mixed signals.  


 Use baby gates, leashes so dogs don't repeat bad habits. The more they jump, the harder it'll be to overcome.

Prevent Rehearsing  

 Praise and treat any time all four paws stay on the floor - even just for a split second. This shapes behavior.  

Reward Alternatives 

Role play greetings with family and friends. Set up your dog for success by not allowing jumping to happen. 


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