Helping Your Dog Love Going to the Vet and Groomer 

Early positive exposures during fear imprint stages helps set lifelong expectation of vet as safe, fun place!  

Start Young

Get pup used to having paws, ears, mouth touched at home so exam maneuvers feel more routine.

Familiarize Handling  

Bring extra special snacks to instantly associate vet with yummy things instead of stress.

Offer High-Value Treats  

Let dog wander, acclimate before rushing straight to exam room table which can feel restrictive.

Start in Waiting Room

 Adaptil and other calming pheromone products help take the edge off vet anxiety.  

 Use Pheromones

Condition dog to accept hugging, laying belly up and handling them during playful home sessions.

 Practice Restraint 

Prevent nipping during sensitive procedures by conditioning your dog to enjoy wearing a muzzle.

Employ Muzzles  

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