Health Issues In German Shepherds

This inherited condition causes arthritis and lameness in German Shepherds' rear hips. Maintain ideal weight.

Hip Dysplasia 

Large, deep-chested breeds like German Shepherds are prone to fatal bloat or gastric dilatation volvulus. Prevent with proper feeding.


Skin allergies, itching, and rashes are common in German Shepherds. Identify and avoid allergy triggers.  


This aggressive cancer of blood vessels strikes large breeds like German Shepherds. Spleen and heart are common sites.


This progressive spinal cord disease leads to paralysis of rear legs in older German Shepherds. There is no cure.


Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency causes poor digestion and weight loss in German Shepherds. Manage with enzyme supplements.


Elbow and shoulder osteochondritis dissecans, a joint disorder causes lameness usually detectable by a year old.


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