Healing Vibrations and Energies of Cats

A cat's 25-150 Hz purr frequency promotes tissue regeneration, bone growth and pain relief.

Soothing Purrs

Cat meows range from 200-600 Hz, similar to frequencies used in rehabilitative music therapy.

Therapeutic Meows

Cats purr instinctively when hurt or sick, starting self-healing through their internal vibrations.

Purr Vibrations

Cats balance their energies with humans through cuddling, relieving stress.

Cat and Human Energy

Cats absorb negative energy, transmuting it through their energetic fields.

Negative Energy

A cat's energy centers align with a human's chakras, activating and clearing blockages.

Chakra Activation 

A cat's purr boosts oxytocin, lowering anxiety, depression, and strengthening immunity.  

 Increased Oxytocin  

Tips for Handling Common Cat Emergencies