Guidelines for Keeping Your Cat Happy & Healthy

 All cats need at least yearly checkups to proactively address health.  

 Annual Wellness Exams  

Monitor senior cats closer with twice yearly bloodwork and urinalysis. 

Semiannual Better for Seniors

Kittens need a series of shots while adult cats require timely titers.

Vaccination Boosters  

 Limping, wounds, poisoning, and fractures warrant immediate emergency veterinary visits.   

Address Injuries Right Away  

Rapid breathing, seizures, extreme lethargy signal vet trips.

Monitor Symptoms  

Determine if food changes or products resolve issues before prescribing tests and medicines.  

 Evaluate Diet and Behavior  

Annual teeth cleanings prevent disease and boost systemic health.  

 Don’t Skip Dental Cleanings  

Strategies for Dealing with Matted Fur in Cats