Guide to Teaching Your Dog to Fetch  

 Determine toys or treats that really capture your dog's attention to effectively direct their focus while training fetch.

 Identify Motivators

Say "yes" the moment your dog picks up item to capture correct behavior and reinforce with treat or tossing item to fetch again.  

Mark Successful Grabbing 

Say "give" when taking item to trade for a treat so they learn to relinquish on command instead of playing keep away. 

 Add Drop Cue  

Gradually step back tossing item further so dog must run then return all the way to your hand.   

 Increase Distance  

Say "Fetch!" when they grab then "Give!" upon return to put official cues on mastered retrieval abilities.

 Name Final Skills 

Practice fetches using various balls, ropes, soft toys etc so skill generalizes across objects instead of one special toy.  

Alternate Toys/Items 

Challenge athletic dogs by throwing high up, far out or incorporating obstacle runs. 

 Raise the Bar  

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