Guide to Properly Cleaning Your Dog's Wounds

Consult your vet before attempting home wound care to assess if stitches, antibiotics or other special care is required.  

 Call The Vet First   

 Have clean washcloths, saline, antiseptic wash, bandages, antibiotic ointment, e-collar and surgical tape ready beforehand. 

Gather Supplies

Approach wound cleaning in an unhurried supportive manner with soothing words, praise and perhaps calming supplements if your dog is very fearful or anxious.   

Calm Your Dog

 Prevent germ transfer by washing your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before touching the injured area. Consider wearing sterile gloves too.  

 Wash Hands & Disinfect

 Use sterile saline solution on gauze to gently blot away blood, dirt and debris around the wound. Apply very gently.

 Clean Initially With Saline 

After cleaning away surface dirt, apply antibacterial wash using another fresh piece of clean gauze.  

Disinfect Next 

Rinse disinfectant residue then gently pat dry using yet another fresh gauze pad.

 Rinse & Dry  

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