Guide to Effectively House Train Your Puppy  

Confining pups prompts pottying on papers/pads indoors first when unsupervised before gradual freedom.

Close Confinement

Adhere to strict eating and potty break schedules preventing unwanted accidents between times.

Routine Relief  

Say trigger words like “go potty” during elimination so phrases prompt repetitions outside.  

 Verbal Cues  

Praise, give treats immediately upon outdoor potties so the spot and acts get positive associations.  

Reward Success

Block off rooms or use pens/crates to restrict unsupervised wandering and sneaky pee spots.

Limit Access 

When loose and active, watch for circling, sniffing, squatting indicating potty needs to promptly whisk outside. 

Close Supervision

Pick specific outdoor elimination sites for consistency rather than wandering the yard arbitrarily.

Designate Relief Areas

Regain Your Dog’s Focus When They Ignore Commands