Fun Indoor Games to Play With Cats

Drag or flutter feather, fabric or string wands across the floor and up walls to stimulate pouncing, chasing and leaping like they'd do hunting prey outside.  

Teaser Wand Toys

Automated balls and puzzle boxes making cats work to earn kibble treats maintains mental stimulation and reduces behavioral issues from underactivity.

Food Puzzles  

Toss ping pong balls across the room into an open box or laundry basket. Cats enjoy triumphantly catching balls, retrieving misses back to you.  

Ping Pong Ball Pit

Help cats use their excellent sense of smell by hiding tasty treats in tubes, boxes and puzzle feeders around the home for seeking adventures.   

Hiding Treats 

Crinkling paper bags, wrapping tissue or tapping cardboard boxes triggers frenzied playful attacks on these loud mysteries they must conquer!  

Paper Bag Rustling

Creating a quick cat toy takes only some pipe cleaners loosely braided together that irresistibly provoke wrestling, chewing and carrying about by entwined fuzzy tendrils.   

Pipe Cleaners Braiding 

Engage kitty in “do what I do” games crawling, jumping or running as they try to mimic your movements for bonding fun.  

Follow The Leader

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