Fun Facts About White Cats

Only about 5% of cats are white. The gene for white fur is rare. Two copies leads to albinism.

Rare Genetics

White cats with one blue & one non-blue eye likely deaf. Lack pigment cells in inner ear. Up to 80% deafness rate.

Often Deaf  

White cats can have brilliant blue, orange, or green eyes. Eye color unrelated to deafness. Just a cute trait.  

Eye Color Varies

Energetic and playful their whole lives. Especially fond of toys they can chase after. Enrich their environment.  

Love to Play 

Extremely social and affectionate. Bond strongly with owners. Follow everywhere wanting attention. Respond to name.  

Outgoing Nature   

With proper care can live 15-20 years. Lower cancer rates than colored fur cats. Overall great health.  

Long Lifespan

Wonderful companions. Check local shelters to adopt one of these marvelous kitties!

Adopt a White Cat!

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