Full Costs of Owning a Dog Responsibly

Budget $30-100 monthly for nutritious dog food. Provide fresh, clean water always.  

Quality Food  

Leash, collar, ID tag, poop bags cost $50+ initially. Crate $50-150. Bedding $25+. Replace as needed.  


Interactive toys prevent boredom & excess energy. Budget $15-30+ monthly for new engaging toys.


Nail trims, baths & brushes monthly. Yearly vet exam $50+. Vaccines $15-20 each. Spay/neuter surgery $200+.

Grooming & Health

Budget $15-25 per walk, $25-50+ overnight for pet sitters when traveling. Ensure adequate exercise & care.  

Dog Walkers/Sitters  

Group classes $100-250 provide mental & physical stimulation. Ongoing training may be needed.

Training & Activities  

Have $1000+ savings for unexpected vet bills. Dogs prone to eating foreign objects needing surgery.

Medical Emergencies  

Total Costs of Owning a Cat Responsibly